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Biofires cc


P O Box 23533

Tel: 072-637 8660
Cellphone: 072-637-8660
Fax: 086 219 8177
Contact: Tina Larsen

Biofires supplies a range of Ethanol burning fire places. The essence of these Fires Places is the Denatured Ethanol Biofuel that is burned. The Biofuel is derived from a bi-product of sugar cane thus making it very "green" and sustainable. The fuel is essentially 96% pure Alcohol which has a bittering agent added to render it unfit for human consumption. When burning Biofuel of this purity no harmful fumes, smoke or odour released. Therefore no chimney is required, thus making them very efficient as all the heat generated remains in the room. The range is as follows: Glass Fires, which consist of a base with a tray which holds recessed fuel cup and a glass cylinder. Wall Fires, that consists of a box containing a burner unit with various front panel options. Fire Place inserts. These are rectangular box shaped burner units intended for installation into existing Wood burning Fire Places.