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PO Box 3173



Tel: 012 421 3500 / 3501
Contact: Mrs Nicola Liversage ~ Department Head: Environmental Management

We understand the need to create, enhance and sustain Africa's natural, built and social environments as we seek to improve the lives of people and contribute to the development of the continent.

Our professionals deliver comprehensive solutions to environmental challenges associated with regulatory, business and operational concerns. We address environmental health and safety management, compliance and permitting issues associated with air quality, water, natural resources, habitat protection, site remediation and restoration, and waste. Our professional services also include management plans and systems for the storage, collection and disposal of solid waste for domestic and industrial purposes.

While our global environmental team delivers consulting engineering, impact assessment and risk management services to private industry and government organisations, we also focus on societal and stakeholder issues surrounding each project. AECOM's scientists, engineers and project managers implement sustainable solutions that restore contaminated land and water, enhance air and water quality, reduce waste, address climate change issues, protect public health and safeguard the environment so future generations can enjoy a better quality of life.