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E-Waste Alliance

Tel: 021 532 0940
Cellphone: 083 462 6665
Contact: Susan Dittke - Co-ordinator

The e-Waste Alliance (eWA) was founded in 2008 (with members originating from the Western Cape). As a non-profit organisation made up predominantly by "for profit" SME type businesses in the e-waste management sector of South Africa and Namibia, eWA has experienced an exciting growth and change of direction over the last few years.

While eWA was traditionally concerned with merely establishing a Western Cape footprint, now current eWA members are represented nationwide and even outside South Africa. What remains is the determination of eWA members to collaborate with each other in a network structure and to follow an integrated waste management strategy that favours the “recovery of function” over mere material recovery and recycling. To this end eWA members now work together towards the establishment of a true “Southern African” collection and processing solution that is geared at responsible, accountable and transparent practical e-waste handling.

As part of current eWA activities members are in the process of formulating a “Code of Conduct” that, apart from general teamwork agreements contains, detailed mandatory minimum technical and organisational standards for ALL aspects of responsible electronic waste management.

The vision is that eWA will grow as a network of service providers that offer best practice and best available technology based e-waste management and treatment solutions that will provide a guaranteed quality standard for companies and the public alike who wish to have piece of mind that their e-waste is handled responsibly from “cradle” to “cradle”.