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The Cape Times Caltex Environmental Awards


Tel: 021 671 3848
Contact: Wouter van Warmelo – Environmentalist and member of the Adjudication Panel

The Cape Times Caltex Environmental Awards, in association with the Cape Institute for Architecture, is an annual Awards Programme that seeks to recognise achievements in the fields of environmental preservation and conservation in the Western Cape.

These awards, first inaugurated in 1976 in celebration of the Cape Times Centenary and are open to any individual, organisation, group or school. The Awards have been divided into the following categories:

A. Architecture, built environment and urban greening

  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Planning
  • Conservation
  • Urban greening
  • Restoration
  • Urban renewal
  • Industrial and commercial projects
  • Engineering projects of relevance
  • Conserving natural resources
  • Rehabilitation of Structures

B. Natural environment

  • Species conservation
  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Habitat and ecosystem conservation
  • Landscape conservation
  • Alien vegetation clearing

C. Social environment

  • Social and economic upliftment
  • Energy access
  • Water access
  • Waste recycling and litter management
  • Sanitation
  • Crime prevention and reduction
  • Pollution
  • Food security and gardens and poverty alleviation

D. Heritage

  • History
  • Cultural landscape
  • Art and music
  • Literature
  • Museums, monuments and memorials

E. Education and raising public awareness

  • In schools and educational institutions
  • Clubs, societies, ‘Friend’ groups etc.
  • Interaction with Government at all levels
  • Literature
  • Interaction with planning authorities
  • Media and publications
  • Development and promotion of ecotourism

F. Youth category (under 19 years of age)
All submissions will be reviewed by an adjudication committee comprising representatives drawn from differing fields of endeavour ranging from the architectural sciences to environmental management and conservation.

Please note that consideration is given to once-off projects as well as sustainable projects. The decisions taken by the adjudication panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into in respect of the awards.

Additional Contacts:

The Executive Officer
Cape Institute for Architecture
PO Box 3952
Cape Town

Tel: 021 424 7128
Fax: 021 424 3620