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Action Compaction Services

PO Box 713
South Africa

Tel: 011 954 1918
Fax: 011 954 2621
Contact: Anton Swart - Director

Waste Minimisation, Waste Management and Recycling

In 1991 we introduced a revolutionary concept in waste handling, approved by the Johannesburg City Council. Today we provide an efficient waste-handling service that creates jobs and results in a cleaner, healthier environment to us all. An on-site Waste Management Programme is provided at each individual site.

  • Wet Non-Recyclable Waste is removed and compacted by us on a daily basis and disposed at an approved land-fill site.
  • Dry Recyclable Waste is separated by us on the premises and removed daily to our recycling plants to be separated into various categories.
  • We provide a variety of equipment to accommodate your waste.
  • Special-event clean-up: a service provided to event organisers.
  • Safe confidential disposal of documents, food products etc. with disposal certificates issued to you.
Our Waste Management Consulting Services are based on a total waste service towards the management of your waste.