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Earth Probiotic Recycling Solutions (Pty) Ltd


Block B Life Style Business Park
Corner Beyer’s Naude and Ysterhout Drives
Randpark Ridge

Tel: (011) 959 1084
Cellphone: 079 999 7671
Fax: 0862752478
Contact: Rebecca Henderson - Business Development

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Earth Probiotic offer food waste management solutions, orientated towards commercial, industrial, household and community waste streams. 

Using probiotic bacteria – bokashi - the company enables the safe, effective and fast composting of all food waste, thus enabling it to be turned back into healthy, nutrient-rich soil. 

Our eco-friendly solution provides an alternative waste solution for food waste, thus diverting this problematic waste from landfill.

Earth Probiotic provides a range of products for users to implement and manage their own on and off-site compositing solutions. 

Our product offering includes a range of value for money bokashi food waste recycling kits, ranging from single household solutions to large scale in-vessel composting machines, designed to process waste streams from 1,000KG of food waste per day.