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Lia Labuschagne - Writer

Tel: 021 551 0042

Independent writer on environmental matters and sustainability.

Gaining support for the good work done for the sake of the environment often depends on how successfully the relevant information is conveyed through effective communication.

Writing about the environment and how we can make a positive contribution as organised bodies, corporations, professional experts and specialist advisors, government and the media towards a clean, safe world for ourselves and the generations that will follow. This often means providing context and presenting technical information in language that individuals can relate to easily - but also telling the stories of those scientists, academics, pioneers, entrepreneurs, professionals, teachers and visionary leaders who make a difference towards a more sustainable future.

Experienced assistance in writing articles and reports, as well as shaping business documents relating to the environment, science and technology. Areas of specialisation include among others sustainability in the built environment, energy, astronomy, engineering, recycling programmes, educational programmes and business strategies relating to sustainability. Also provides assistance in communicating via social media and the Internet in general.