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Confronting Climate Change Initiative


PO Box 12268

Die Boord


Cellphone: 0827519596

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The Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Project is a strategic cross-industry initiative aimed at supporting the South African fruit and wine sectors’ efforts to effectively realise and respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by climate change. A key theme of the project is the provision of a freely available on-line carbon emissions calculator together with the technical training supporting its adoption and use. The results are accepted and feed in to existing retailer sustainability requirements. The aim being to enable farms, packhouses, wineries and other entities across the supply-chain to undertake accurate measurement of the energy-use and carbon-emissions intensity of their respective business activities. 
Such measurement is generally accepted as a prerequisite for the effective management towards greater resource-use efficiency, reduced emissions and the long-term sustainability of business activities and operations. The CCC tool has been third party reviewed by an expert team within the Carbon Trust, a leading UK based carbon footprint consultancy, who endorsed the robustness of the measurement approach adopted and the credibility of the results produced using the CCC carbon emissions calculator. A major milestone of the project is the development of robust and representative industry benchmarks of the carbon-emissions of each major commodity.