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Ceiling In a Can


Cellphone: 0822009537
Contact: Dave Pons

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This economical innovation provides fire retardant and waterproof insulation for shack dwellers, saving electricity and enhancing living conditions. Most of South Africa's five million shacks have corrugated iron or asbestos roofs without ceilings. Shack dwellers require electricity-hungry heaters and fans to mitigate summer heat and winter cold.

Ceiling In a Can consists of two separate cans of polymers - a by-product of the petroleum industry. After furniture in a home is removed, newspaper is spread on the floor and the contents of each can is mixed and poured evenly over it. The polymer foams, rises and hardens after 15 minutes. Friends are enlisted to lift the ceiling, starting at the doorway. It is then attached to the shack's rafters by means of chip board screws. The only tool required is a screwdriver! With no transport costs - cans are delivered via free taxi services - this DIY process costs less than half of the cheapest opposition (gypsum board).

 Twitter: @ceiling_in_can