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Sola Future Energy


2D Nautica Building
Water Club Complex
100 Beach Road
Granger Bay

Tel: 021 421 9764

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SOLA Future Energy is the leading supplier of embedded solar PV systems in Southern Africa. Our vision is to offer clean, efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions that provide our customers with more affordable and secure energy... ... that’s why some of the largest commercial property owners and retailers in the country have used us to design, install, operate and maintain solar systems on their buildings.

We are a proudly South African company. Our team of engineers designs according to international best practices while abiding by local laws and regulations. We have all our projects signed off by electrical and structural engineers, all of whom have their South African accredited Professional Registration. We provide an end-toend solution and deliver our projects on a turn-key basis. That means we go the extra mile to make sure the project is operating optimally and that it meets the level of performance we guarantee. We are a registered CI DB level 6 company.