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485 Moreleta Street

Tel: 0128044129
Fax: 086 600 4126
Contact: Johan Grobbelaar

AluGro manufactures quality aluminium Sliding, Folding, Side and Top-hung Windows and Doors.  We also manufacture and install Mantraps (Security Cubicles) as well as Shop Fronts. 

AluGro is also one of the only companies in South Africa that manufactures Arched windows and Doors!

We use the finest quality recyclable aluminium.  Recycled aluminium keeps all of it’s original strength & characteristics and only uses 5% of the energy needed to produce a virgin billet!

We aim to produce an aesthetically pleasing design and finish while also taking into consideration thermal efficiency.  All our products meet all existing and known future legislations and regulations.

With our range of finishes, the possibilities are endless!  From standard powder coating colours, special mixes, wood look to anodising.  Glass ranges include, high performance glass, one-way-reflective, tinted, double glazing, low-E, energy smart glass, bullet resistant glass and many more types and colours to cater for the individual needs.

Additional Contacts:

P O Box 14405