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My Mobi Car Wash - Sokoza Solutions


118 9th Avenue

Tel: 011 476 3223
Cellphone: 083 222 1804
Contact: Vaneshri Naidoo

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MyMobiCarWash addresses a need for a mobile system that offers convenient service offerings to the consumer whilst being Environmentally Friendly.

The system uses an average of only 5l of water to wash a car compared to 150l of traditional high pressure systems - Great Water Savings!

A Proudly South African product, MyMobiCarWash also offers an affordable and flexible solution to entrepreneurs wishing to start their own business.

The My Mobi solution and product is ideally positioned to support Enterprise Development, Job Creation, Empowerment and Green initiatives that are targeted by CSI or SED Programs.

A Level 1 BEE 100% woman owned company that has a passion for sustainability in business and lifestyle - Every Drop Counts.

My Mobi is a fully autonomous car wash system that does not need to be connected to a water or power supply whilst in use.