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CEN Integrated Environmental Management Unit


36 River Road
Port Elizabeth
South Africa

Tel: 041 581 2983
Cellphone: 082 320 3111
Fax: 086 504 2549
Contact: Dr Mike Cohen ~ Director

The philosophy of CEN Integrated Environmental Management Unit is forged on the belief that the people of South Africa will only achieve their goals and aspirations through a drive for sustainable development or development that delivers basic environmental, social and economic services to all without threatening the viability of natural, built and social systems upon which these services depend.

The sustainability that concerns the CEN IEM Unit is not just about ecology and sustaining environments. It must meet the essential needs for jobs, food, energy and water and achieve sustainability of both human and natural resources. Sustainable development must unite economics and ecology in decision-making and enhance the resource base.

The Unit offers a wide range of environmental, educational and rural development services.

The Unit can provide expertise in a number of fields including:

  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Management Plans and Programmes
  • Land Use Planning
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Protected Area Planning and Management
  • Sustainable Development Strategic Planning
  • Tourism Site Location, Planning and Development
  • Urban Open Space Planning