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Centre for Environmental Management (CEM)


North-West University
Potchefstroom Campus
Private Bag X6001
Internal Box 231
North-West Province
South Africa

Tel: 018 299 2714
Fax: 018 299 2726
Contact: Theresa Bowen - Marketing Officer

The CEM offers the following services:

  • Advisory services;
  • Basic and applied research; and
  • Environmental and occupational health and safety training services (advertised public courses and dedicated in-house short courses).

The CEM specialises in finding innovative and cost-effective safety, health and environmental management solutions of the highest international standard that are relevant to the African and developing country context, based on the principles of sustainability and safety.

Our team of SHE management researchers and advisors provide research and advisory services that range from basic and applied research, to facilitation of change and finding effective, innovative and custom-made solutions, in areas such as:

  • Development, implementation and improvement of environmental and occupational health and safety or integrated management systems;
  • Environmental and occupational health and safety or integrated management system verification auditing;
  • Legal compliance auditing;
  • Environmental impact assessment; and
  • Municipal environmental and environmental health management.