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Cheetah Outreach


PO Box 116
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 851 6850
Fax: 021 851 6850
Contact: Annie Beckhelling - Director / Founder

Cheetah Outreach is a non-profit education and awareness organisation, established for the long-term survival of the free-ranging cheetah in Southern Africa. Founder, Annie Beckhelling, launched the project in January 1997, with just one hectare of land provided by Spier Wine Estate and two cheetahs. Today the facility houses eleven cheetahs and a range of other small predators at risk on farmlands, and is situated at Paardevlei, Somerset West.

Cheetah Outreach promotes the cause of the endangered African cheetah by introducing captive-born, hand-raised cheetahs not suitable for re-release as ambassadors to increase awareness, educate people and deliver in situ conservation programmes.

This initiative places Anatolian Shepherd Guard dogs on farms in free-ranging cheetah territory to protect livestock. This working relationship means farmers do not shoot or trap this endangered cat.

Cheetah Outreach invites members of the public to have a personal encounter with a cheetah, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.