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Private Bag X2
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 819 2497
Fax: 021 402 3009
Website: /
Contact: Lindelani Mudau - Director

The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism provides national leadership for promoting sustainable coastal development. This is primarily achieved through Coastcare, a partnership involving the private and public sectors.

The policy guiding this joint initiative is presented in the White Paper for Sustainable Coastal Development in South Africa.

Coastcare aims for:

  • Coastal economic development that makes the best use of available resources;
  • Coastal development that promotes social equity through improved livelihoods of poor coastal communities; and
  • A healthy coastal environment for the benefit of current and future generations.

Coastcare provides financial and technical assistance for:

  • Coastal development projects;
  • Institutional capacity building of coastal management organisations;
  • Legal development to support policy;
  • Awareness education and training initiatives;
  • Coastal resource planning;
  • Applied research; and
  • Coastal information management projects.