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South Africa

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Contact: Zimasa Velaphi - Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Governments are becoming more serious about combating environmental damage caused by pollution and litter – including used beverage packaging. The establishment of the ‘Green Scorpions’ by South African Government enables the prosecution of any organisation which contravenes the environmental laws of South Africa. Significant strides have been made by Government who have engaged with the Glass Recycling Association and the major role players in the PET industry to address their environmental responsibility.

The recovery and recycling of used steel beverage cans continue to reign supreme for beverage packaging. In Southern Africa, can recycling is spearheaded by Collect-a-Can, which has won local and international acclaim accolades for its efforts in protecting the environment. The company is a joint venture between Mittal Steel South Africa, the tinplate producer, and Bevcan (Nampak), the beverage can manufacturer.

The core business of Collect-a-Can is to cost effectively facilitate the recovery of used beverage cans with the specific focus of addressing its shareholders corporate responsibility and the cradle-to-cradle needs of the steel beverage can industry. recognition.