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Cymbian Enviro-Social Consulting Services


PO Box 1676
South Africa

Tel: 011 763 1677
Fax: 011 760 6732
Contact: Warren Kok – Member

Cymbian Enviro-Social Consulting Services is an independent consultancy offering specialist environmental, GIS and social consulting services. Our experience includes projects in the mining, conservation, development and strategic planning sectors.

Environmental Services include, Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment, Environmental Monitoring and Auditing, Environmental Feasibility Studies and specialist mining consulting, to name a few. Our GIS services include the designing, development, and implementation of information management systems and disaster management programs, data collection and capture, 3D visualisation, amongst a number of other types of spatial analysis.

We offer a full range of social specialist consulting services that include, Social Scoping, Social Impact Assessment, Social Surveys, Scoping and Stakeholder Engagement, including public participation, Community Development and Sustainable Development Planning and Project Implementation.