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Desert Research Foundation of Namibia


PO Box 20232

Tel: +264 61 377 500
Fax: +264 61 230 172
Contact: Kaino Mbaukua

DRFN is dedicated to furthering understanding and competence to appropriately manage arid environments for sustainable development. We collaboratively work in all sectors involved in management and use of natural resources, concentrating on the agriculture, water and energy sectors, with government, commercial, non-governmental and community-based organisations.

  • involve communities in participatory learning to develop sustainable management practices;
  • encourage managers and decision-makers in dialogue to improve the policy and regulatory framework for sustainable development;
  • are building on a body of knowledge to improve understanding of arid and semi-arid lands;
  • build capacity and commitment to manage natural resources sustainably.
The DRFN is a co-partner, together with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, in managing the Gobabeb Training and Research Centre in the Namib Desert.