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PO Box 3926

Tel: 011 794 3825
Fax: 011 794 1337
Contact: Dr Ian de Villiers – Technical Director

Divwatt (Pty) Ltd was established in February 1993 with the express purpose of developing and manufacturing high-quality solar specific equipment. Our first undertaking was the SOLASTAR project, a research and development program into a high efficiency submersible pumping system. After two short years of research and development the fruition of the SOLASTAR project was realised, and in 1996 the SOLASTAR received the ?Product of the Year? award from the Institute of Engineers. Other completed projects include the TERRA Sine Wave Inverter and the AURORA Solar Powered Streetlight, both products are set to revolutionise their respective markets.

Other products include the Sundaya E17 12V Lighting Equipment and the Sundaya Solar Generator. These super efficient lighting systems make it possible for remote dwellings to have access to lighting, as well as power for appliances such as TVs and Hi-fis.

We?ve had numerous of our products tested and approved by independent authorative organisations in various countries, including the Solar Research Division of the University of Reading, UK, and the University of New Mexico, USA.

Our products have been accepted as the international standard. We currently export to numerous countries around the world, including the USA, India, China and Australia.