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Abalimi Bezekhaya


Cape Town Office:
PO Box 44
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: 021 371 1653
Fax: 086 613 1178
Contact: Rob Small - Resource Mobilisation

ABALIMI is a community-based environmental development Volantary Association (VA) incorporating two People’s Garden Centres in Khayelitsha and Nyanga. ABALIMI resources, capacitates and partners community based organic gardening and micro-farming projects.

ABALIMI develops best-practice community-owned Model Projects, which build democracy, renew and conserve the indigenous urban environment and generate permanent informal jobs. The Model Projects influence broader policy formulation in open space development and catalyse the emerging environmental and ecological urban agriculture movement in the grassroots communities of the Cape Flats. The most important model project is Harvest of Hope , the first successful community supported agriculture (CSA) project providing a viable market and jobs for urban micro-farmers in South Africa