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PO Box 727
White River
South Africa

Tel: 013 751 2120/3285
Fax: 013 751 3287
Contact: Mrs Charmaine Appasamy

Ecolink aims to empower individuals, households and communities so that they are able to respond to outside stressors - climate change or other. All our training programmes consider dignity, self-esteem and autonomy as important as material goods and all our environmental training and development programmes have one aim – to build stronger communities who have more opportunities and greater choices so that they do not feel caught up in cycles of hopelessness and despair. Mpumalanga is the 'place where the sun rises' and we work with people so that they shine. 

Our main programmes and activities are:

Earth Care Programme: the focus is on health/hygiene and nutrition awareness, chicken farming, fence-making and seedling production

Water Care Programme: the focus is on rain water harvesting, soil conservation, longer planting seasons and farmer/market links

Life Skills Training: the focus is on managing household business, conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS awareness, reproductive health and project management skills

Youth Programme: the focus is on building a young generation who care for the earth, where hope replaces despair, community responsibility replaces crime and where skills upliftment allows for sustainable income generation opportunities. We run youth camps and use street theatre and puppet drama in our youth projects

Early Childhood Development: the focus is on a unique environmental education curriculum for 3 and 4 year olds