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Eco Scapes


PO Box 12288
Vorna Valley
South Africa

Tel: 011 805 5342
Fax: 011 312 0578
Contact: Zane Masson

Eco Scapes is an international, environmental company specializing in the development and management of sustainable land use models that integrate local biodiversity within all forms of land use to mutually benefit land user and natural environment. Our services include:

  • Local Biodiversity Development and Management for All Forms of Land use (Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Mining, Eco Tourism)
  • Eco Interactive Structural Facilities (Bomas, Viewing Platforms, Bird Hides, Trail Systems, Pools)
  • General Environmental Maintenance
  • Sustainable Resource Systems (Effluent Management Systems, Rain Water Harvesting Systems, Water Recycling and Retention)
  • Alien Plant Control
  • Erosion Control
  • Vermin Control
  • Waste Management