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African Rhino Conservation Company


PO Box 235
Limpopo Province
South Africa

Tel: 087 802 1989
Cellphone: 083 301 8119
Fax: 086 524 6698
Contact: Dr Wilhelm Schack

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ARC promotes survival of the two species of African rhino and strives for durable solutions to halt threats to their existence. ARC favours original thinking and assists meaningful conservation and breeding projects, thereby creatively modeling a new future for rhinos. Old school conservation ‘ethics’ and failed programs, especially CITES rhino management directives will be scrutinized critically and outdated views and attitudes will be challenged vigorously.
Focus areas
  • Accountability of government bodies, individuals and governments of rhino range states.
  • Legalization of horn trade to flood markets, depress horn values and expose horn buyers.
  • Restoration of confidence in conservation programs and Investment campaigns to favour public and private ownership.
  • Transfer of responsible rhino ownership to impoverished rural African communities.
  • Awareness campaigns worldwide on real intrinsic value of live rhinos and long term benefits derived from rhino farming and horn harvesting as opposed to poaching. 
Our core activities are are taken care of in one of the following registered companies :
  • EKO WILD (PTY) LTD : game capture, translocation and trade, especially rare and difficult to handle species like rhino, buffalo, sable, roan and giraffe. Design and construction of passive game capture systems. 
  • ECOSYSTEM PROJECTS (CC) : ecological analysis of nature reserves and game farms : vegetation, soil, water, carrying capacity, species composition, stocking rates, harvesting quotas and harvesting methods.
  • ECO PARK PROPERTIES (PTY) LTD : estate agency dealing with nature reserves, game farms and lodges. 

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