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Environmental Ethics Unit at the University of Stellenbosch

Private Bag X1
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 808 2418
Fax: 021 808 3556
Contact: Prof. JP Hattingh

The Unit for Environmental Ethics is a service and research body that focuses on the independent analysis and critical evaluation of the values informing environmental policy and decision making in South Africa. It seeks to improve the quality of the environmental decisionmaking in South Africa. It sets out to achieve this by creating an awareness and critical understanding among leaders in business, nongovernmental organisations and government of the values informing environmental policy and decision-making.

As specialists in environmental ethics we offer:
  • Ethical reviews of EIAs
  • Ethical surveys on environmental management practice
  • Facilitation of ethical deliberation in environmental decision-making
  • Ethical analysis of environmental policy
  • Environmental codes of ethics
  • Short courses and workshops
Our unit hosts an environmental ethics e-group on the following website: The e-group operates as a think-tank, bulletin board and advice forum on environmental ethics for its membership. Membership is open to all.