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Food Gardens Foundation


PO Box 41250
South Africa

Tel: 011 342 6967
Fax: 011 342 1986
Contact: Hilda Pheto

The Food Gardens Foundation was established in 1977, as a socioeconomic project to teach people to help themselves by growing essential food according to sustainable, organic principles. The vision of FGF is the empowerment of people to overcome malnutrition, hunger and famine.

The small-scale, low-cost and environmentally friendly FGF method is called Food Gardening. Practicing this simple skill, people achieve community development and social upliftment ? improving their health and quality of life, helping them to escape from the grip of poverty and helplessness, and enabling them to achieve a meaningful level of Household Food Security.

Food Gardening optimises normal domestic and other organic waste to revitalise the soil and feed growing vegetables. It is an appropriate method even for those who have meagre resources, making the best use of limited space and scarce water, restoring life and fertility to poor and arid land.

The FGF motto is maximum nutrition in minimum space with limited water and resources.