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Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa

PO Box 411
South Africa

Tel: 012 842 2911
Fax: 012 803 4404
Contact: Rob Crouse

The Mazda Wildlife Fund was formed in April 1990, funded jointly by the Mazda Division of SAMCOR (now Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa) and its nationwide network of Mazda Dealers. The fund has committed an amount in excess of R1 million per annum over the past 10 years for investment in nature conservation.

The Mazda Wildlife Fund currently supports a wide range of projects, covering every aspect of conservation and preservation of our environment. These projects are situated throughout southern Africa and include educational projects and conservation projects. At the last count, 98 projects had already been sponsored by The Mazda Wildlife Fund, with 33 SAMCOR-donated Mazda vehicles presently operating all over South Africa.

The Mazda Wildlife Fund Board comprises senior representatives from the Endangered Wildlife Trust, the World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF-SA), the Wildlife and Environment Society of Southern Africa, as well as Mazda Dealer representatives and Ian Shepherd of Grey Worldwide. The Fund is specifically concerned with a dynamic involvement in activities that will directly provide a better environment for future generations.