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Global White Lion Protection Trust


PO Box 858
South Africa

Tel: 015 793 0657
Fax: 086 609 2504
Contact: Riana Haman

The mission of the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) is not only to protect the White Lions themselves, which are at great risk from trophy hunting and captive speed-breeding programmes, but also to protect the indigenous knowledge that holds them sacred. The WLT's founder, Linda Tucker, published a book entitled Mystery of the White Lions (2001), based on 10 years of research with African elders, which delivers for the first time the cultural knowledge behind these living legends believed to be the most sacred animals on the African continent.

The White Lions are not albinos (Cruikshank & Robinson, 1997), but a genetic rarity of Panthera leo that occurred naturally. They were born in one area only - South Africa's Timbavati region, bordering Kruger National Park. Here they successfully survived for a documented 56 years. Although one of the rarest and most endangered animals in Africa, they are not protected by law. Prized for their rarity, the White Lions were artificially removed from their natural habitat into captive breeding/hunting programmes in South Africa, and sent to zoos and circuses around the globe.

All White Lions today are in captivity. After their forced removals, they have been extinct in the wild since 1993. The WLT has initiated a carefully orchestrated long-term scientifically monitored reintroduction program to return the White Lions to their place of origin, which aims to assist the 'rewilding' of other endangered cats. Community involvement, as well as cultural and educational initiatives, are an essential part of our planning, as the White Lions are re-established and protected in their endemic range as a National and Global Heritage.