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Gondwana Alive


PO Box 48373
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: 021 783 3939
Fax: 021 783 4541
Contact: Dr Tracey Phillips

The Gondwana Alive (GA) scientifically driven outreach project was initiated in 1998 to help stem the SIXTH EXTINCTION of life on Earth, through awareness raising and education. It derives its name from the southern land mass (Gondwana) that broke up millions of years ago into the southern hemisphere continents we know today. It is an apt name given that most of the remaining natural bio (life) diversity on Earth is found in the south.

In 2010, in response to continued deterioration of our biodiversity and natural environment, GA shifted its focus from awareness to action. Today, GA is a non-profit, Section 21 Company that strives to build a network of like-minded people doing what they can at home, at work or in community, to restore biodiversity and improve lives. In addition GA implements strategic projects that will help us learn and improve efforts to restore biodiversity and improve lives.