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Greenhaus Architects


3 Eskol Lane
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: 021 794 4465/6
Fax: 021 794 0360
Contact: Etienne Bruwer

General practice in organic architecture, focusing on the use of common green/ecological principles and systems that flow naturally out of higher aesthetic and spiritual dimensions.

Pioneered the search in South Africa for context-appropriate practices to transform professional practice and built environment procurement to serve local conditions and realities in the making of sustainable built environments.

Interpreted and tailored universal ?green? principles to guide correct ecological approaches to the sustainability triad which reflect a balance of social, economic and environmental imperatives.

Activities range from full design and documentation to inspection, green building consultancy work, publication in local and foreign ?green? press, occasional academic work, television/radio appearances, co-convening SBE ?Strategies for Sustainability in the Built Environment? conference series, offering poverty alleviation consultancy and training to the NGO sector in green architecture ? transforming traditional architecture and deficient RDP housing to better living environments through skills training and micro-enterprise development.