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PO Box 115
Link Hills
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Tel: 031 763 3760
Fax: 031 763 3664
Contact: Heather Jack

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ICANDO provides the following:

  • Experienced environmental scientists and educators
  • Independent EIA team
  • Compliance with environmental legislation
  • Empowered stakeholders
  • Innovative solutions to environmental challenges
  • Reduced conflict
  • Learner-centred education and training
  • Confident learners
  • Extensive networking opportunities
Environmental Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessments 
  • Integrated waste Management Planning 
  • Environmental Compliance Auditing 
  • Delisting of hazardous waste
Public Participation Facilitation
Environmental Education and Training

  • LG SETA-accreditation Environmental Practice provider
  • Skills and Capacity Development
  • Outcomes-based short courses, specialising in environmental and waste management: (1) Introductory waste management for decision-makers with little waste experience; (2) Advanced waste management: Waste minimisation, Integrated Waste Management Planning, Hazardous waste, Landfill technology, Public Participation, Health Care Waste, Municipal Services Partnerships, Practical Recycling, Waste Entrepreneurs
  • User-friendly environmental awareness and learning materials