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Institute of Natural Resources


PO Box 100396
South Africa

Tel: 033 346 0796
Fax: 033 346 0895
Contact: Jennifer Mitchell ~ Executive Director

The Institute of Natural Resources promotes the wise use and management of natural resources for the good of the environment and society. The INR is a Section 21 company and a registered public benefit organisation with 27 years experience. The organisation aims to make a substantial contribution to the wise use of natural resources, sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation.

Our services are based on participative, multi-disciplinary and integrated approaches to projects. We aim to bridge the gap between science and application, with emphasis on practical management systems. The INR is an innovative and dynamic organisation that provides comprehensive and integrated support in the fields of:

  • Water resources and biodiversity
  • Wetlands
  • Land resources and biodiversity
  • Sustainable agriculture and food security
  • Integrated environmental management
  • Forests and woodlands
  • Environmental change and vulnerability
  • Livelihoods and biodiversity