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Investec Bank

PO Box 785700
South Africa

Tel: 011 286 7189
Fax: 011 286 7562
Contact: Mr Setlogane Manchidi

Investec is an international, specialist banking group that provides a diverse range of financial products and services to a select client base.

Founded as a leasing company in Johannesburg in 1974, we acquired a banking licence in 1980 and were listed on the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa in 1986. In July 2002, we implemented a Dual Listed Companies structure with linked companies listed in London and Johannesburg. A year later, we concluded a significant empowerment transaction, where our empowerment partners collectively acquired a 25.1% stake in the issued share capital of Investec Limited.

Since inception, we have expanded through a combination of substantial organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Today, we have an efficient integrated international business platform, offering all our core activities in South Africa and the UK and select activities in Australia, with approximately 4 050 employees.

We are organised as a network comprising five business divisions: Private Client Activities, Treasury and Specialised Finance, Investment Banking, Asset Management and Property Activities. Our head office provides group-wide integrating functions and is also responsible for central funding and the Trade Finance business.

Our strategic goals and objectives are based on an aspiration to be recognised as a distinctive specialist banking group. This distinction is embodied in our entrepreneurial culture, which is balanced by a strong risk management discipline, client-centric approach and ability to be nimble, flexible and innovative. We do not seek to be all things to all people and aim to build well-defined, value-added businesses that serve the needs of select market niches where we can compete effectively.