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Jungle Theatre Company


PO Box 224
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 788 5641
Cellphone: 082 953 9619
Fax: 021 788 5643
Contact: Vincent Meyburgh - Artistic Director/Founder ; Lorraine Tanner - Managing Director

Jungle Theatre Company’s vision is a society that is environmentally, socially and culturally conscious and active. JTC uses theatre and workshops as a medium for conveying key environmental and social issues to a diverse audience. We use multi-lingual, multi-cultural styles with dynamic mediums of music, mime, puppets, clowning, characterisation and comedy to enlighten and entertain.

We have a range of existing shows and selectively tailor make shows to funders’ requirements. We research, script and perform, accessible, educational, innovative and interactive theatrical events that address key environmental and social issues.

We work closely with other organisations to promote community participation in cultural and environmental events and programmes. We develop and facilitate workshops to provide learners, educators, volunteers and groups the skills needed to create their own theatre that deals with issues relevant to their own lives. Our shows and workshops link in with the national curriculum.

We train actors from community theatre backgrounds in the style of JTC as part of our skills development and job creation programme.