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National Air Pollution Assessment Services


10 Alexandra Street
South Africa

Tel: 011 6742080 / 011 674 2071
Fax: 011 674 1575
Contact: Christo Oberholzer

National Air Pollution Assessment Services is structured to provide a wide range of Environmental and Occupational Hygiene services to the mining and local industries. Environmental Impact Assessments, monitoring of air quality and personal exposures to airborne pollutants are receiving increased attention. NAPAS assists management to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Personal and public exposure assessments are carried out using scientific methods recognised by authorities across the world. Air filtration systems are designed and installed. Mine management is assisted in the ventilation planning, with specific attention being given to safety and health. The dilution of diesel exhaust emissions and the comfort of workers in the underground environment are of paramount importance when planning a mine. Mine ventilation systems are designed with the aid of computer programs.

NAPAS is the local agent for the CIRRUS range, state of the art, noise measuring instruments as well as other hygiene equipment.