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NCPC - National Cleaner Production Certre


PO Box 395
South Africa

Tel: 012 841 3772
Fax: 012 841 5039
Contact: Ndivhuho Raphulu

The NCPC exists as a national body to strengthen market access by South African industry and business sectors through the fostering of networks to transfer cleaner production technologies and services that can contribute to the sustainability of value chains by delivering measurable economic, environment and social impacts that support the national priorities of growth equity and employment.

The NCPC aims to enhance the competitiveness and productive capacity of the national industry, focusing on SMEs, through cleaner production techniques. Cleaner Production is the continuous application of an integrated preventative strategy applied to processes, products and services to increase resource efficiencies and promote economic, social and environmental sustainability.


  • Advocate CP and create awareness within the South African industry sectors
  • Develop national and regional CP capacity
  • Support the transfer of CP technology
CP activities generally improve an organisation?s bottom line and invariably have a positive impact on both the productivity and the competitiveness of the organisation. These objectives will be achieved through strategic partnering and efficient leveraging of local and international expert networks.