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National Research Foundation(NRF)(The)


PO Box 2600
South Africa

Tel: 012 481 4000
Fax: 012 349 1179
Contact: Thabiso Nkone ~ Corporate Communications Manager

The NRF was established on 1 April 1999 as an autonomous statutory body in accordance with the National Research Foundation Act. The NRF is the only research support agency of its kind in South Africa.

The National Research Foundation is the key public entity responsible for supporting the development of human resources for research, technology and innovation in all fields of science and technology. The organisation is one of the major players in educating and training a new generation of scientists able to deal with South African and African needs. The organisation encourages public awareness and appreciation of science, engineering and technology, and facilitates dialogue between science and society.

The vision of the National Research Foundation is for a prosperous South Africa and African continent that is steeped in a culture of knowledge, free of poverty and its attendant diseases; and proudly contributing to the wellbeing of humanity.

The listings below provide an indication of the business units and programmes within the National Research Foundation and their clustering according to focus are as follows:

Research and Innovation Support and Advancement

Astro/Space/Geo Sciences


Nuclear Sciences

Advancing Science