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Nedbank Group


135 Rivonia Road
South Africa

Tel: 011 294 4444 / 011 295 0238
Contact: Justin Smith

Nedbank Group Limited is a bank holding company that, through its principal banking subsidiary, Nedbank, together with other members of the group, operates as one of the four largest banking groups in South Africa.

The group offers a wide range of wholesale and retail banking services through three principal business clusters, Nedbank Corporate, Nedbank Capital and Nedbank Retail. The principal services offered by the group comprise corporate and retail banking, property finance, investment banking, private banking, foreign exchange and securities trading. Nedbank Group also generate revenue from private equity, credit card issuing and processing services, custodial services, asset management services, bancassurance and service.

Nedbank is committed to the integration of sustainable development considerations into its business strategies and practices, recognising that economic development needs to be balanced with responsible social and environmental practices.

Although financial institutions are not clearly identified with environmental management in South Africa, the Nedbank Group has a long history of promoting environmental responsibility. It represents an important part of our culture and identity as an organisation.

Nedbank has celebrated a 15-year partnership with the WWF-South Africa in the Green Trust, a vehicle that has allowed Nedbank to donate approximately R65 million to conservation projects of crucial importance. Nedbank is also the only South African commercial bank that is a signatory of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiatives.

Nedbank recognises that environmental management is an important area of our corporate performance. The Nedbank Group is committed to managing environmental issues and aims at continuous improvement in environmental management and performance. As part of this process our environmental policy has been revised to take further account of our lending and financing activities, and forms the first layer in our integrated Environmental, Health and Safety Programme.