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Ozone Service Industries (Pty) Ltd

PO Box 166
South Africa

Tel: 011 791 4403
Fax: 011 791 4774
Contact: Ian Wright

Ozone Services Industries Pty Ltd (OSI) is a well known and credible provider of ozone
generators, ultra violet systems and associated technologies used in water, air and sewage
treatment applications in Africa.

The Company specialises in natural oxidation techniques to:

1. Oxidise micro-organisms and various heavy metals such as iron and manganese in the water treatment market.

2. Eliminate noxious gases and odours such as cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and sulphurs and to deodorise smelly or polluted areas in air treatment

3. Nitrify, denitrify and clarify sewage by encouraging the growth of micro-organisms on suitable media in bio digesters.

4. Sterilise and oxidise using ozone generators and ultra violet or membrane systems.