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People for Wildlife


PO Box 2520
South Africa

Tel: 011 954 5363 / 011 953 4470
Fax: 011 954 3941
Contact: Mr Stuart M Bartman

People for Wildlife is a section 21 non profit membership based organisation. The organisation was created due to the need for a truly membership based organisation and the lack of coherence of the conservation fraternity in South Africa. We hope to create a vehicle where all conservation minded individuals and organisations can find a collective home where they can be part of a bigger voice yet still maintain their individuality.

One of our main aims is to have an overwhelming number of members to enable the organisation to have a strong voice so that it can influence the direction of conservation in our watchdog role. There are conservation organisations overseas that have a million members plus, we don’t seem to have one with over 20000 members in South Africa.

Membership based means that each member is an equal shareholder in the organisation and as such has the ability to influence the direction of the organisation and the conservation in his area and nationally in accordance with the Articles of the organisation.