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PO Box 2079
South Africa

Tel: 031 914 1004
Fax: 031 914 2199
Contact: Rob, Sean or Keegan

Occupational Hygiene Services is a Department of Labour Approved Inspection Authority (AIA), which offers a professional service in the field of Occupational Hygiene. Our services include monitoring surveys and assessments for Hazardous Chemical Substances, Noise, Lighting, Ventilation, Thermal Stress, Asbestos, Lead, Hazardous Biological Agents, Pollution and Ergonomics (Approved Inspection Authority (CI 084 OH)).  

Environmental Services: Air quality monitoring (source and ambient); atmospheric dispersion modelling; development of emission inventories and air quality management plans; environmental noise monitoring and modelling; specialist impact assessments (air quality, noise and odour); environmental control officer.

Our survey reports contain details of the investigation and primarily focus upon identification, evaluation and recommended control measures to assist your company in complying with current environmental and occupational legal and guideline standards. Reports are laid out in a clear, understandable and precise format.