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Seal Alert-SA

PO Box 221
PostNet Hout Bay
Western Cape
South Africa

Cellphone: 083 949 6944
Contact: Francois Hugo

Seal Alert-SA is involved in addressing historical imbalances, caused by exploitation, disturbance and commercial sealing.

  • Opposed to sealing, seal tagging or disturbance of seal colonies in any way or banning seals from islands.
  • Believes in maintaining an ecological historical balance between various island species. Indigenous island colony extinction investigation, species colony of origin, opposes unnatural mainland seal colonies.
  • Development of natural environment Seal Rescue and Rehabilitation.
  • Instrumental in developing improved Conservation, Protection, Welfare and Awareness of all species of seal, found along the coastlines of southern Africa.
  • Presently developing an artificial ?seal pup milk? for new-born pup rehabilitation.
  • Opposed to guns or explosives being taken to sea by fishermen.