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The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP)

Private Bag X540
South Africa

Tel: 012 841 1075
Fax: 012 841 1057
Contact: Dr R Becker

The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions is a statutory body, established by the Natural Scientific Professions Act, 2003 (Act 27 of 2003) to govern the natural science professions and to safeguard public health and safety from adverse consequences of natural science activity.

The Act provides for the registration of professional, candidate and certificated natural scientists. Only persons registered for a field of practice listed in schedule 1 to the Act may, in terms of section 20 of the Act, practice in a consulting capacity.

In order to effect its statutory responsibilities the council has implemented:

  • a system of assessment of professional status against standards;
  • a register of persons assessed as competent; and
  • disciplinary measures against registered persons for contravention of the code of conduct, ethics or practice.

By registering, a person subscribes to the setting of standards and the enforced maintenance thereof. In so doing they make this fact known to the public, and make a statement to the effect that they are prepared to subject their conduct to the scrutiny of their peers.

Of greater importance is that professional registration determines personal qualities beyond technical competence such as commitment to the profession, good judgment, integrity and social cultivation.