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Treverton College and Preparatory


Private Bag X505
Mooi River
Kwazulu Natal
South Africa

Tel: 033 263 1251
Fax: 033 263 1210
Contact: Sr Janet Snow


Treverton is an independent, coeducational, mainstream school from preschool to postmatric. Treverton has incorporated environmental education as part of its ethos, curriculum and programme since the 1970s.

The school is involved in age related, teacher or pupil driven environmental projects, activities and actions. These are conducted in the classroom, on the school grounds, within the community, at institutions, and in the Treverton Wildlife Area. Treverton encourages activities and actions which pertain towards change orientated projects (direct action) or environmentally appropriate life styles (indirect action). Environmental learning is presented in a variety of methods, either as part of specific subjects' curriculum, as a stand-alone subject or as specific learner driven environmental projects.

As a means of developing the EE programme and assisting in the protection of the threatened grasslands - the Treverton Wildlife Area was developed in the 300ha. Endemic animals have been reintroduced to augment those which already occurred.