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Wales: Environmental Partnerships


Representative in South Africa:
Africa Business Direct
PO Box 413586
South Africa

Tel: 011 445 9460
Fax: 011 445 9459
Website: /
Contact: Michael Sudarkasa

Sustainable development is a priority area and high on the Welsh Assembly Government’s agenda. This commitment is reinforced by the fact that the Assembly is one of only three regional governments in the world that has a statutory duty to promote sustainable development. Our First Minister chaired the meeting in Johannesburg in September 2002 which led to the Gauteng Declaration (

Strong potential trade partnerships with South Africa have been identified in environment – a common language, legal system and long historical association underline this.

Benefits of two way partnerships

  • Opportunities for environmental companies in both countries
  • Technology transfer/capacity building
  • Improved environmental protection/resource management.
The industrial revolution left Wales with a damaged environment. However regeneration programmes since the 1960s have developed a wealth of experience and technological know-how. Wales has over 1000 companies specialising in:
  • Water supply/treatment and waste water treatment
  • Waste management/recycling
  • Land remediation and landscape creation/management
  • Energy efficiency and renewables
  • Environmental instrumentation/monitoring/analysis
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Air pollution control
  • Marine pollution control
  • Noise and vibration control
Wales is at the forefront in the UK of supporting Environmental Goods and Services through WalesTrade International and Welsh Development Agency. We are helping Welsh companies to form fruitful partnerships with organisations and companies in South Africa.