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Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA)

PO Box 6011
Halfway House
South Africa

Tel: 011 805 3537
Fax: 011 315 1258
Contact: Ms Dot Zandberg

The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) provides a forum for the exchange of information and views to improve water resource management in southern Africa. WISA has been in operation since 1937 and is the only indigenous South African organisation for professionals in the water industry. WISA has four Branches, plus 13 specifically focused Divisions.

The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) established eWISA, the capacity-building and knowledge-transferring  arm of WISA, primarily to full fill the Institute?s mandate to ? build expertise, share knowledge and improve quality of life? and to provide a sustainable long term ?mechanism? to increase the levels of competency and education in the water sector and consequently optimise the sustainable use of water resources in Southern Africa.

In a nutshell, the eWISA ( goals are to:

  • Serve the needs of all water users (search for info, assistance, service, etc.)
  • Make known the South African water specialists to the water sector and the Public
  • Exchange know-how and information, transfer technology and make capacity building a reality (news, a 'water blog', water dictionary, discussion forum, fact sheets, literature database, photo library, river, wetland, estuary, etc information (?story books?), legislative procedures, expertise database, database of water specialists ?? and many more.