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WEB Environmental Consultancy


PO Box 1425
North Riding
South Africa

Cellphone: 083 414 8551
Fax: 086 570 9908 / 086 503 4191
Contact: Bronwen Griffiths

WEB Environmental is a personalised service-oriented environmental consultancy operating since 1999. Our focus being:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) – specialisation: housing developments, fuel related, conservation-ecological imperative driven
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental considerations in terms of Townplanning applications – specialisation: advice on EIA and Townplanning process linkages, Environmental overviews for townplanning applications, spin-off EIAs from such processes
  • Ecological specialist review
  • Peer review of above mentioned project types
  • All projects endeavour to include green building or development options, combined with appropriate landscaping and maintenance of wild spaces
  • Provision of advice to potential applicants prior to entering the development process in terms of potential land-uses and suitability of specific sites for proposed development types
  • Generation of guideline documentation according to needs
WEB Environmental’s focus is dominantly on the ‘smaller’ projects, however, through the formation of project-specific associations, we ensure that your project gets the expertise and attention it deserves.