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PO Box 1091, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel: 011 800 8111
Fax: 011 800 2427
Contact: Annamarie Murray, Account Executive

Eskom, South Africa's national electricity utility, supplies more electricity than all other suppliers in Africa combined, at prices that are among the lowest in the world.

As a result of lowered costs and effective management, it has kept its annual price increases to below the rate of inflation for 12 consecutive years. Eskom undertook to maintain this trend by reducing the price of electricity, in real terms, by 15% between 1994 and 2000, and achieved this by 1999.

Eskom is a recognised authority on the use of very low-grade coal and dry-cooling technology for power stations. Its electrification drive is bringing electric power to more than one million new people a year.

Eskom is also developing the Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor technology that promises to make a significant impact in power generation around the world.

Eskom has 19 major power stations: 12 coal-fired, two gas-turbine, two hydro-electric stations, two pumped storage schemes and one nuclear power station.

Name             Sets    Capacity MW (nominal)
Coal-fired stations
Arnot              6x350 2100
Camden          8x200 1600
Duvha             6x600 3600 
Grootvlei         6x200 1200
Hendrina       10x200 2000
Kendal            5x686 3430
Komat   5x100;4x125 1000
Kriel                6x500 3000
Lethabo           6x618 3708
Matimba          6x665 3990
Matla              6x600 3600
Tutuka            6x609 3654

Gas Turbine & Diesel stations
Acacia               3x57 171
Port Rex           3x57 171

Hydro-electric stations
Gariep              4x80 320
Vanderkloof    2x110 220

Pumped Storage Schemes
Drakensberg    4x250 1000
Palmiet             2x200 400

Nuclear power station
Koeberg          2x965 1930
Environmental Sectors: Primary: Air Pollution Control, Recovery & Recycling, Consultancy Services

Secondary: Monitoring, Instrumentation & Analysis, Noise & Vibration Control, Waste Management, Water & Wastewater Treatment