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Nature Conservation Corporation, The

PO Box 30223
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: 021 702 2884
Fax: 021 701 5302
Contact: Dean Ferreira ~ Managing Director

The Nature Conservation Corporation is a leading private sector provider of Environmental Services in South Africa, with participation in many projects across the country. We provide a “one -stop shop” for a wide range of services, including in situ operational as well as strategic and project management services.

With in-house biodiversity specialists who are passionate about our natural environment, we have gained insight & experience in vegetation units of the Fynbos, Succulent Karoo, Nama Karoo and Thicket Biomes.

We draft Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for conservation and natural areas, game farms, tourism developments, commercial, industrial and public service infrastructure developments, events, functions and filming activities. Alongside this, we specialise in the implementation of these plans, and as a result, have much experience in the practical and legal aspects of biodiversity and conservation. We specialise in the mitigation of environmental impacts associated with various developments and other activities. We write construction and development guidelines for development in fire prone areas.

We provide Environmental Control Officers (ECO) for most large developments all over the country, as well as smaller developments in the Western Cape, ensuring strict compliance with the management plans and conditions of the relevant environmental approvals.

Services we provide include:

  • Botanical & Faunal Assessments for EIAs
  • Botanical & Faunal Search & Rescue operations
  • Construction Environmental Control/Site Officers/Environmental Managers/Environmental Officers
  • Environmental Auditing, Quality Control & Independent Review
  • Wildlife Management Services (including Capture & Translocation)
  • Management of Game Farms, Nature Reserves, Conservation Areas & Natural Heritage Sites
  • Environmental Estate Management
  • Invasive Alien Vegetation Services
  • Fire Management (including Fire fighting)
  • ArcGIS Mapping
  • Film, Photographic, Event & Function Management Services
  • Interpretive Media for Environmental Awareness
As a team, we provide continuous guidance and support to our staff, ensuring a practical approach to environmental management.