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Organic Aloe

39 Industrial Avenue

P.O. Box 199
South Africa

Tel: 028 735 1557
Cellphone: 083 305 3111
Fax: 028 735 1557
Contact: Magda Neser ~ Marketing

Aloe Ferox is indigenous to the Western Cape, where is grows in the wild. Organic Aloe (Pty) Ltd., established in 1986, prides itself on being the only company in the world to produce an Aloe Ferox Bitter Powder. Inspired by the Traditional healing and regenerating powers of the Cape Aloe( Aloe Ferox), we at Organic Aloe produce all our Raw materials that can be extracted from this plant.


The factory is located in Albertinia and its products are sold to the health, cosmetic and animal industries, were more and more farmers interested in organic farming is starting to use our bitter fraction products for their live stock to rid them form internal and external parasites.

Organic Aloe’s commercial plantations are not agriculturally maintained, ensuring plants are free of pesticides and herbicides. We also pride ourselves of being a member of Proudly South African, and that more than 90% of available products are Organically certified i.t.o. EU and NOP standards.

Organic Aloe (Pty) Ltd produce the following groups of products deriving

  1. Aloe ferox bitter fraction products, i.e. Bitter powder and Bitter lump.
  2. Aloe ferox Gel Powder (non bitter product)
  3. Aloe ferox Health drinks and Juices, with or without flavourants
  4. Aloe ferox fibre products, i.e. Aloe tea

The selected and approved suppliers of all our Aloe ferox raw materials originate from the Albertinia district thus ensuring high quality material.

Sourcing Aloe ferox raw material from only the Albertinia district also ensure economic growth in the community and sustainable income for the “tappers” supplying the factory.


Additional Contacts:

Chris Pattinson ~ CEO
Tel: 076 562 0187